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We recommend annual physical wellness exams for your pet to ensure that your pet is receiving the best medical attention and are on schedule for appropriate pet vaccinations to maintain optimal health.  We provide all routine care your pets need including heartworm testing & preventative, microchipping, trimming nails and behavior counseling.



With our advanced anesthetic capabilities and surgical equipment, we can guarantee safety and comfort for your pet. We specialize in complete soft tissue and orthopedic surgical care including:  spay, neuter, fracture repair, TPLO and surgical oncology.  We also offer laser surgery which produces less bleeding, edema and pain, as well as allowing patients more comfortable post-op recovery.



At the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, we are fortunate enough to be able to give you lab results within 15 minutes and while you wait.  Why is this important?  It allows us to make informed decisions regarding your pets health right then while you're still in the clinic.  Our doctors can prescribe the right medications or take the necessary steps to ensure your pets good health.



We carry a full line of medications for your pet including flea and tick control and heartworm medication. Additionally, we offer prescription medications to help your pet on the road to recovery.


Good oral health for your pet can result in a longer and happier life! Just as people should have regular checkups by their dentists, your pet needs regular dental care by our veterinarian.  During our yearly physical examination, we will examine your pet’s mouth for any dental issues. At The Animal Clinic of Kalispell we offer a myriad of dental services including, but not limited to: dental radiographs, cleaning, polishing, fluoride treatment, and extractions.

Click here for information on periodontal disease


We offer emergency services during normal working hours. If your pet is in need of emergency care after hours, please call Flathead Pet Emergency at 406-257-6870.



Dr. Clark specializes in both abdominal and cardiac ultrasound.  An ultrasound in a non-invasive procedure used to evaluate the internal organs including liver, kidney, spleen, heart and reproductive organs.  We also provide cancer chemotherapy and referral for cancer radiation therapy and radioactive idodine. 



We work with Embark testing pet's DNA to discover breed breakdowns, trait insights and health screenings for your pet(s). Genetic analysis can reveal potential health conditions that allows us the chance to help you prevent, manage, and/or treat

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